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Chromecast the Clear Classroom Screen Casting Winner

Author: Mark Page-Botelho Posted: 2015-12-06

A few months back I reviewed options for streaming devices in the classroom (In Search of the Perfect Screen Sharing Device). Trying to find a decent screen sharing device for use in the classroom, where both teachers and students can easily and dependably share their work, has been difficult until just recently. Before today the only really decent option was Apple TV. It works relatively well for Apple devices, but was limited to Apple devices unless a paid connection program such as AirParrot or AirServer was used. This was an added expense and complexity to an already expensive streaming option. In addition, Apple TV was designed for consumer use, not classrooms. The movie ads which cannot be turned off can be somewhat inappropriate for certain audiences. Then there is the stability problem on large school networks making the finding and connection drops problematic.

Recently Google’s $25 Chromecast has added a screen sharing option that works flawlessly on all devices. Out of all of the options I’ve tried from Miracast, Apple TV, AirTame, and Chromecast, as well as built in projector WiFi, Chromecast is the device to use. I tested it out on our school network as well as at home. I was able to stream HD video and display everything on my desktop with audio enabled. The set up was extremely easy. There is also a benefit that students can queue YouTube videos into a particular devices playlist where the videos play one after the other. The only requirement is that each device has the Chromecast app or Chrome browser installed. It’s cheap, cross-platform and is fully functional. Schools can now rest at ease as the headaches are gone.

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