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Google Chromebook Makes Headway into US Schools

Author: Mark Page Posted: 2012-01-26

Three states in the US have purchased 27,000 of the browser-based laptops in Iowa, Illinois, and South Carolina. Schools are finding that the cost effectiveness and capability of the Chromebooks are ideal for the classroom. As one teacher Diane Gilbert an English teacher at Kelly Mill Middle School in Blythewood, S.C. put it, " they are better when it comes to typing and to letting students publish their work".

Some of the benefits attributed to the Chromebooks and helped win over districts include Long battery life, fast start up times, auto updating, and cheap.

In addition Bryan Weinert, technology coordinator for the Leyden Community High School District in Illinois, stated, "We were looking for a device that can be invisible. We want teachers to focus on instruction, not technical support, waiting for laptops to boot, or making sure they're charged".

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