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ChromeBook Access to gDrive

Author: Mark Page Posted: 2012-07-16

A pleasant surprise awaited me this evening, when I noticed that my ChromeBook now has native access to my Google Drive files. This makes embedding files online much easier, as I now have access to all my files. This addition must have come from the latest update that I notice took place a couple of days ago.

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Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio 4 is Released

Author: Mark Page Posted: 2012-03-10

Microsoft has made the final release of their Robotics Developer Studio 4. It's free and ready to use for private and commercial use. In regards to education, the Kinect sensor which is now available for PC's will make for some interesting courses in robotics or for classroom projects at an affordable price. For schools with little to no budget, students can still participate with the Visual Simulation Environment (VSE). This is a great step forward for any school interested in offering robotics. 

Link: Link Reference.

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SkyDrive Desktop Apps for Both Windows & OS X

Author: Mark Page Posted: 2012-02-20

Microsoft has expanded the functionality of their SkyDrive cloud service by adding dedicated desktop applications for both Windows and OS X. SkyDrive is a top contender for the all in one cloud based productivity suite. Google still has them beat in the free arena, where schools can get free domain hosting. Microsoft hasn't gone that far yet, but when they do Google will be in trouble.

Link: Microsoft SkyDrive

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Chrome is Most Used Browser

Author: Mark Page Posted: 2012-02-16

StatCounter has reported that Google Chrome will be the most used browser by the end of Mark 2012. Google Chrome offers something that no other browse is currently offering, which is the ability to run Andriod Apps within the browser itself. In addition, the Chrome browser itself can have multiple accounts making for better use of shared devices, which is common in schools. This can be done on any platform allowing for a greater audience and a perfect tool for teachers to use in the classroom. The final great aspect for teachers is that the browser can sync with a Gmail account, and retaining settings and bookmarks across multiple systems without the need for backing up;) Did I mention it's free?

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Lenovo, The National Academy Foundation, & MIT Launch Mobile App Development Program for High School Students

Author: Mark Page Posted: 2012-01-27

Five schools from NAF's network academies are piloting an app development program as part of Lenovo's corporate social responsibility initiative. The goal is to encourage student interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) subjects, as well to prepare students for college and career success. 

To help the schools with the curriculum Lenovo provided a package of technology products, including Android-based ThinkPad Tablets, and All-in-One desktops.

All participating schools that will teach the app development course are also part of the National Academy Foundation's Academy of Information Technology. NAF aims to ultimately make the curriculum available to all of their 100 Academies of Information Technology.   

Some interesting statistics which were the catalyst for the program include,

80 percent of American teens would be interested in learning how to create their own mobile app.
Almost a quarter (22 percent) think that mobile app development will be the most important technology skill to have when entering the workforce in a few years.

63 percent are only somewhat confident, at best, that the technology know-how they have now is enough to secure a good job upon entering the workforce.

Link: Press Release

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