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A Proof of Concept for Student Use of AI

Author: Mark Page-Botelho Posted: 2023-08-31

With the start of a new academic school year, I knew that I would have to address the student use of AI. Many teachers have already approached me about their concerns. They mostly are worried that students will use it to cheat on assignments. This is somewhat understandable, but I really believe it's no different than any other disruptive technology advancement that we have already faced. Calculators, Wikipedia, and many other technologies were also feared, but faculty always eventually embraces these new technologies only to enhance our own practices in the classroom.

I knew that I needed to play around with the new technologies tools surrounding AI so I made a video for students explaining a general overview of the technology. Frist, I made a Google presentation using ChatGPT to help me flush out a simple presentation. Once finished, I used an AI text to voice AI tool to make an audio file to use in the making of my video proof of concept. Next, I used an AI video creation tool, but found none of them very good, nor free. So I decided to use OpenArt, a free AI image creation tool. For the finished video I used iMovie as it was readily available to me on my school issued MacBook. With a free audio track from Google's YouTube Creator account, I combined all the items together. 

The final video is not perfect by any means, but it shows both teachers and faculty the possibility of Ai tools in as a creation tool for projects. These tools can be seen as a way to enhance or students learning, and to allay the fears of faculty. If we embrace these AI tools, learning will be much more dynamic and take student further i their learning.