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Google Web Store for Education Apps

Author: Mark Page Posted: 2017-01-09

Finding useful applications to enhance student learning can oftentimes be a time consuming endeavor. There are many details that a teacher needs to take into consideration before choosing a program to use in the classroom ranging from cost, platform, age appropriateness, and its usefulness rating. Finding a one stop place to search for learning applications is now a much easier task now that Google has a well established web application store that allows teachers to confidently find applications.

The Web Store is accessible to all devices regardless to platform, which allows teachers to extend the learning environment outside the classroom. The majority of applications are free, and many integrate Google Drive for easy access to school services such as storage and sharing. Using the built in search filter is easy enough to use by selecting “education” category. Finally by using the user rating system teachers can find applications that are tried and true. 

Taking a few minutes to explore the Web Store is sure to be an enlightening experience and will give an idea of what is possible using web applications for learning in the classroom.

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