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International Schools Compete in eSport Event

Author: Mark Page-Botelho Posted: 2016-05-10

Here at the American International School Dhaka (AISD) we pride ourselves in having a varied list of activities for students to choose from. This year we have added to this comprehensive list with the addition of an eSport for students to participate in. An eSport is an online competition where students play on a team just as any other sport. The difference is that students use their computers to play a team based game.

As eSports rise in popularity around the world as a recognized venue for competition, with large followings and prizes, more schools are taking interest in offering them in their athletic programs. The growth of eSports averages 20% per year with no signs of it slowing. Esports is the 2nd most viewed sporting event second only to the Superbowl, and even has its own feature section on ESPN. It’s also tied with the Super Bowl in prize money awarded. eSport events have many sponsors such as Coke, Nissan, Logitech, and Red Bull to name a few. It is undeniably a legitimate sporting event.

Schools around the globe are starting their own eSport leagues such as the StarLeague and the High School Sport League. Both organizations help schools based in the United States to organize and compete in Varsity Level events against other schools. In Bergen Norway, Garnes Vidaregaande Skule has even incorporated eSports into the core curriculum, where students can take it and receive credit towards graduation. 

During the last few months AISD and the International School of Yangon (ISY) students have organized and created their own league for one of the first international school competitions. Students chose the games to be played and organized themselves into teams. The games played are fantasy based and are age appropriate depicting no realism in regards to violence. Over the course of the training season both teams played scrimmages and honed their team based cooperation skills just as in any other sport.

The culminating event was held on May 6th where both teams virtually faced off playing two games each of League of Legends and DOTA 2. Both games required a team of five members, one of which is a captain. AISD won both games of League of Legends, while ISY won both games of DOTA 2. Sportsmanship and cooperative strategy are the two key aspects of eSports that all the students worked on and proved capable of, making the competition a success for both teams.

This season would not have been possible without the support of the AISD Athletic Director Rob Switzer and Tobias Hallwood from ISY. Without whom this season would not have been possible and whose forward vision has granted students another venue to participate and shine in both of our educational organizations. In addition, credit must be given to the students and their captains Han Seung Lee and Payton Lomax for dedicating their own time to this event. With further acceptance of eSports in schools, AISD hopes to promote eSports in the region and potentially have it recognized as an official SAISA sport in the coming years.

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