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Students Promoting Themselves Outside of School Using Real World Projects

Author: Mark Page-Botelho Posted: 2015-09-09

Teaching students skills in a manner that allows them to create or follow an ambition should be the focus of curriculum. The benefits to having students create works regarding their learning outside the classroom is that it gives them motivation to improve, and the added benefit of promoting themselves to schools and employers. It establishes a habit of positive use of social media which often times is not the focus they take. Giving them a positive use of social media is a non-direct benefit. Having student’s create projects outside the school is difficult for some subjects and content areas, but when it is a possibility, we should encourage students to try.

An example is one student in my middle school broadcasting class. This is a class in which students create news segments which are then combined into a weekly news broadcast. This is not revolutionary in itself and many schools already have a news broadcasting show that combines many different skills from core classes. The difference with my course is that I promote the class as a real world skill and encourage students to create news segments outside of school. The goal is not to coerce them but to have them find their own ambition. This could be creating a YouTube channel, a blog site, or creating art work to display in a local café. As teachers we should continually be encouraging our student to do real world projects that are not made only for the sole purpose of displaying at school. Our job is to give them the skills needed to create and then let them step into the real world to try and share their works. It may be the case that nobody sees what they make, but at least they are on the path to authentic learning.

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